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Reporting a Claim

We have over 30 years of pro active claims management and advocacy experience. We have been there…Hurricanes Andrew, Isabel and Floyd to name just a few; fires, floods, collisions, grounding, stranding, sinking, and sadly so much more. Your claim is your product, what you are paying for. We are your advocate and we know what it takes and exactly how to recover claims from Insurers and Third Parties, and mitigate your ultimate loss.

If you need help now call us on (410) 752 0505 x1004 or email us on . We are on call 24/7 and will do whatever is necessary to help you secure your safety and mitigate your loss.

To report a claim or potential claim, please select your policy from the drop down menu below (you must be logged in to view the drop down selection), then fill in the details in the Incident Information field. Please include the following information:

Last Name, First Name, Where we can contact you now, Date and Time of accident, Present location of Vessel, Description of Accident, Details of Police report (if any).

To report a claim on your policy please log in.
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