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  Preferred rates on dockage, fuel, restaurants, guides, and more  
  Sea Tow Membership Special Offer  
  Reservation booking capability  
  Edit/cancel marina reservations using Marinalife  
  Marina reservations in the US  
  Marina reservations in the US, Canada, Bahamas, Caribbean, and Central America  
  Create-Your-Own-Cruise software  
  Access to pre-planned cruise itineraries  
  Personalized cruise planning assistance  
  Group travel planning assistance and bookings  
  Use of toll-free concierge line  
  Hotel, airline, restaurant, golf, and ground transportation reservations  
Travel Tools          
  Approach & Buoy Information through Earth NC  
  Interactive satellite maps  
  Access to marina ratings provided by Atlantic Cruising Club  
  Ability to read/write marina reviews  
  Online Community  
  Port Reports and Featured Destination guides  
  Real-time updates on customs procedures, fuel pricing, etc.  
  Captain and crew referrals (partnered with The Crew Network)  
  Welcome kit with Marinalife merchandise  
  Complimentary MarineMax Rewards Club Card for Service, Repair, and Boating Gear Specials  
  Complimentary subscriptions to Yachting, Marlin and Soundings magazine  
  2-year complimentary subscription to Marinalife Magazine (value $19.99)  

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