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Our Story
Marinalife was founded with a vision to enhance the boating experience by connecting boaters with marinas through innovative technology and exceptional service. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to providing the boating community with the tools and resources needed to get underway and fully embrace life on the water.

In 2018, Marinalife joined forces with Snag-A-Slip, a leading online boat slip reservation platform. This strategic combination allowed us to offer a more comprehensive and seamless service, bringing together the best of both worlds: Marinalife's comprehensive boating resources and Snag-A-Slip's convenient booking capabilities.

Building on this foundation, we launched Marinalife Manager in 2023, a powerful platform designed to streamline marina operations. Marinalife Manager integrates seamlessly with both Marinalife and Snag-A-Slip, creating a unified ecosystem that benefits both boaters and marina operators.

Our Products
: Marinalife provides boaters with access to an extensive directory of marinas, and serves as a comprehensive resource for planning trips, cruising stories, captains tips and staying informed about the best destinations to dock through our quarterly magazine, website and digital content.
Snag-A-Slip: This innovative platform allows boaters to easily find and book boat slips online. With a user-friendly interface and a wide network of participating marinas and private dock owners, Snag-A-Slip simplifies the reservation process, ensuring that boaters can secure their spot at the dock with just a few clicks.
Marinalife Manager: Launched in 2023, Marinalife Manager is a state-of-the-art platform that empowers marina operators to manage their facilities more efficiently. From slip reservations to customer communications and facility management, Marinalife Manager offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to optimize operations and enhance the customer experience.

How It All Works Together
At Marinalife, our mission is to provide the boating community with the tools and resources to get underway and fully embrace life on the water. Our three products work in harmony to make this mission a reality:

For Boaters: Marinalife and Snag-A-Slip offer a seamless experience from planning to booking, ensuring that every journey is smooth and enjoyable. With access to a vast network of marinas and the ability to book slips online, boaters can focus on what they love most – being on the water.
For Marinas: Marinalife and Snag-A-Slip significantly enhance marinas' online presence and connection with boaters. Marinalife's innovative advertising solutions and online reservations platform strategically increase visibility, enticing more boaters to discover and engage with marinas. Marinalife Manager optimizes marina operations by efficiently managing reservations, enhancing customer communication, and maintaining facilities. Integrated with Marinalife and Snag-A-Slip, marinas can attract a larger customer base and elevate the overall boating experience.

Our Mission
At Marinalife, we are passionate about the boating lifestyle. We are committed to Continuous Innovation and improvement, ensuring that our services evolve to meet the changing needs of boaters and marinas alike. We pride ourselves on Delighting the Customer, ensuring that every interaction is extraordinary. We are committed to always Doing the Right Thing for our boaters, marina partners, and employees. And along the way, we take time to Enjoy the Journey.   

Join us as we navigate the future of boating together. With Marinalife, Snag-A-Slip, and Marinalife Manager, the possibilities are endless. Let’s get underway!

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