Marina Management

Connect with boaters on their terms.
Give boaters the power to self-serve, and communicate with them automatically via text and email.
Manage everything—from slip assignments to insurance compliance—with one mobile-friendly tool.
Maximize ROI with deep analytics to support better resource allocation and capital expenditures.
Who can benefit?

Marina Admins
Spend less time on repetitive communications and more time providing personalized customer service.
Manage the complexity of slip turnover and boater engagement with decision making and communications support.
Marina Owners
Find missed revenue, tap into new revenue streams, reduce overhead and gain a better understanding of what drives your business forward.

What clients are saying

“Marinalife Manager is truly one of most thoughtful and innovative marina management platforms in the industry. Its software allows marina owners and managers to not only manage internal operations and finances but enhances boater and marina relationships through seamless communication.”
Dan Cowens
Founder, Oasis Marinas
“The system is user-friendly and easy to learn. More importantly,the people behind the system are great to deal with.”
Aaron Bramble
VP, Tolchester Marina
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