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The Price of Fun

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The Price of Fun

Insider advice about avoiding pain at the pump

World events over the last two years have created a record high interest in recreational boating, but unfortunately they also generated record high fuel prices. To help you understand exactly how various boats burn fuel differently and how to run your boat at its most efficient, we’re turning to Steve Zimmerman, founder of Zimmerman Marine, a highly respected boat yard and boat builder with six locations in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast. 

CD Wheatley

Steve is knowledgeable in all aspects of boat maintenance and design that affect fuel consumption. I had the opportunity to ask Steve recently to dispel commonly held misconceptions about fuel use in popular styles of recreational boats. 

Bob: When boaters talk about fuel consumption, they mostly speak in terms of gallons per hour, not miles per gallon. What’s the difference?

Steve: Many boaters focus solely on gallons per hour (GPH); however, in determining how much fuel you use to cover a given distance on your boat, we have to bring speed into the equation. For example, if someone asked which is more efficient, a boat burning 11 GPH or a boat burning 22 GPH? The answer is it’s impossible to say without calculating miles per gallon (MPG) 

If the boat burning 11 GPH is traveling at 10 knots (nautical miles per hour), we divide 11 GPH by 10 knots to see it is getting 0.9 nautical miles per gallon (nMPG). If the boat burning 22 GPH is traveling at 22 knots, 22 divided by 22 equals 1.0 nMPG. So, in this example, we see that although the difference is minor, the boat burning double the gallons per hour achieves better mileage.

Bob: If people are considering a new boat, are some designs more fuel efficient than others?

Steve: All boat hulls require a certain amount of energy to move through water. The more easily they move through the water, the less energy is required. The primary factors that influence how easily the hull can be moved include hull shape, length, total weight and drag. Hull shapes are sorted into three basic categories: full displacement, semi-displacement and planing. To determine which offers the best fuel economy, we introduce the most important variable of all: speed.

Bob: So, the faster a boat goes, the more fuel it burns?

Steve: Usually that’s true, but not always. Different hull forms respond differently to the demand for speed. As speed increases, boats move through the water in three basic ways. At slow speeds the boat sits fully in the water, riding between a wave at the bow and a wave at the stern. Full displacement boats live in this zone. As soon as speed increases, fuel burn rises sharply. 

Semi-displacement and planing hulls can apply more horsepower and begin to climb up onto the bow wave. In this phase the bow rides awkwardly high, and fuel economy plummets. By applying even more power, these hulls ride more on top of the water. The bow comes down, speed increases, and fuel burn levels off. All get better fuel economy at the slower speeds, but the penalty for higher speeds varies substantially between hull types.

Bob: Can you explain how different hull types vary of fuel use?

Steve: Yes, let’s look at the most common hull forms used in recreational boats:

    Let’s look at some actual numbers from a full-displacement trawler in the 40- to 50-foot range. At a speed of 7.5 knots, if it’s using 3 GPH, that equals 2.5 nMPG?  If we push for a little more speed, the fuel burn changes, at 9 knots, burning 11 GPH, it’s down to 0.8 nMPG. Notice that by going just 1.5 knots slower, it’s using 300% less fuel. 
    Now let’s look at a semi-displacement boat of similar size. If this boat is going 8.5 knots and using 3.4 GPH, it’s getting 2.2 nMPG.  If we increase to 10.5 knots, using 14.2 GPH, we’re down to 0.74 nMPG. Once again, going just 2 knots slower increases fuel economy 300%. If we push this boat into higher speeds though, the fuel burn differs significantly. At 15 knots, fuel use goes up dramatically to 23.5 GPH, and our efficiency is down to 0.64 nMPG. At 20 knots, using 35.0 GPH, we’re down to 0.57 nMPG. When more of the boat’s hull is on top of the water, the penalty for increases in speed diminishes dramatically and economy levels off. As speed increases, fuel economy will gradually decline in small increments. 
    Finally, let’s look at a boat designed for speed, a lightweight planing hull. When going slowly at 7.5 knots, burning 2.6 GPH, that equals 2.9 nMPG.  When we increase to 11.0 knots, burning 9.2 GPH, that lowers the fuel rate to 1.2 nMPG. At a top speed of 25.0 knots, burning 27.5 GPH, that gives only a small decrease in fuel burn to 0.9 nMPG.

Notice that at the slow displacement speeds, a slight increase in speed causes a large decrease in fuel economy. But once the boat is out of the water at planing speeds, a significant increase in speed had a smaller effect on fuel consumption. 

It should also be pointed out that weight matters, but it matters considerably less at displacement speeds. A full displacement trawler can pack on the cruising weight without much of a penalty. The other hull types won’t pay a penalty at lower speeds, but at higher speeds the additional weight will take its toll.

Bob: Generally speaking, going slower saves fuel?

Steve: For all cruising powerboats, when it comes to fuel economy, speed trumps all other factors—but only at slow speeds. At full-displacement speeds going a knot or two slower can double or triple your fuel economy. 

Among the things that influence fuel economy on planing hulls are the condition and cleanliness of the props and rudders, alignment of shafts, health of bearings and a fouled bottom. Once you are on plane, increases in speed matter far less, but the importance of a clean underbody and running gear matters far more. Don’t be misled by GPH, taking the extra step to calculate MPG, which ultimately determines overall fuel use.

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Marinalife 2022 Photography Contest

MARINALIFE is pleased to announce this year's photography contest that showcases the joy of boating and good times on the water.

We welcome snapshots that capture moments of maritime merriment the freedom of getting back on the water after a long winter, a memorable boating experience with family and friends, a special seaside vacation, the thrill of water sports, an epic fishing trip where you reeled in a trophy catch, or the face of a pet who's too cute for words. Whatever floats your boat, we'd like to see it.

Contest Details

Who's Eligible: Everybody is invited from amateur shutterbugs to seasoned photographers to send your favorite shots of what you love most about the cruising lifestyle and high seas adventures.

Fishing - photo contest - marinalife
Courtesy of Bicanski on Pixnio

Deadline: Spend the spring and summer taking great shots, then submit your favorite photos in the form below by Friday, September 9, 2022.

What to Submit: Limit of up to 3 photos per person, send high resolution images (300 dpi, 2 mb or 600 kb). Please include a brief description of the photo's location, the photographer's credit, and the contact info, email and phone.

Winners: Our staff will select the first, second and third place winners and runners up whose photographs will appear in upcoming issues of Marinalife. Prizes will be announced soon.

Please submit any questions to

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What's New with Marinalife

Marina Updates

Oasis Marinas Expands across New England

The marina management company is pleased to announce its growth into New England with three Connecticut properties: Old Harbor Marina in Clinton, Mystic Point Marina in downtown Mystic and Glastonbury Marina (formerly Seaboard Marina) in Glastonbury.Since its founding on the East Coast in 2015, Oasis has spread out rapidly across the United States from the northern Great Lakes to southern Florida. The company is now stepping foot on the West Coast with plans to grow new team members and properties in the future. For updates, visit

Seaboard Marina - what's new spring 2022 - marinalife
Seaboard Marina | PJD on DigPic

Suntex Marinas Lands New Property in New York

Suntex Marinas, a premier marina owner and operator, is proud to announce its recent acquisition of Sunset Harbour in Long Island, NY. Situated along the South Shore, this 332-slip marina provides easy access to the lovely Great South Bay. Visit

SWITLIK Life Rafts are Back for the Season

SWITLIK Life Rafts are back in stock, in every variety just in time for spring and summer boating. Short lead times are now offered on survival equipment, rafts and man overboard modules. For more than 100 years, this U.S.-based company has produced high quality safety equipment in Trenton, NJ. Visit

Pursuit Boats Announces New Model

Since 1977, Pursuit Boats has produced high-end, yacht-quality fishing and cruising vessels across tons of locations. Magnificently appointed and highly anticipated with possibilities for every angler, the OS 445 is Pursuit's largest boat yet. Prepare to cruise in liveaboard luxury with this season's new model. Visit or

Marinalife Photo Contest

2022 Photo Contest Is Open for Submissions!

Marinalife is pleased to announce our third annual photo contest, where we welcome snapshots that capture moments of maritime merriment from photographers of all skill levels. For details, see page 16 or visit

Upcoming Boat Shows

SWITLIK SAR6 Offshore - what's new spring 2022 - marinalife
Bay Bridge Boat Show

Stevensville, MD

April 21 - 24, 2022

Suncoast Boat Show

Sarasota, FL

April 22-24, 2022

Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show

Annapolis, MD

April 29 - May 1, 2022

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Marinalife and Snag-A-Slip Align and Rebrand to Focus on Technology Offerings

Baltimore, MD, March 22, 2022 – Marinalife, Inc. announced today that it has completed a major rebrand that now allows it to focus on providing pioneering, state-of-the-art digital tools, and resources to its growing community of marinas and boaters.

Snag-A-Slip, a Marinalife company, is a leading online boat slip reservation service that easily connects boaters with available marina and private slips. Marinalife has been a key resource for boaters and marinas through its curated digital content, quarterly lifestyle magazine and on-line travel tools since 2000. Having both companies operate under the Marinalife umbrella enables all product offerings to deliver a fully integrated experience for its customers.

New CEO, Jen Leroux, brought in to take the helm of Marinalife in July 2021, knew she wanted to elevate the brands to reflect the business' strong technology foundation. By joining the brands, Marinalife aims to energize and streamline the products and services they offer, better connecting boaters and empowering marinas.

Always with the needs of our boaters and marina owners in mind, our goal is to move the company forward with technology at the forefront. says Jen. As a team, we recognized the best way to achieve this is to create a strong unified brand dedicated to providing the most innovative solutions for the boating community. Marinalife and Snag-A-Slip will continue to provide exceptional personal service to our customers while enhancing their experience through seamless technology offerings.

Over the coming months, Marinalife will be launching a new website, key product offerings, and other functionalities to enhance the boater and marina experience allowing them to connect and transact seamlessly. Snag-A-Slip's current website ( and mobile app will continue to provide a superior boater reservation experience with new updates and regularly released features.

About Us

Founded by lifelong boaters, Marinalife delivers tools and resources to allow the boating community to fully embrace life on the water. Marinalife joined with Snag-A-Slip in 2017 and together, we create tech-enabled solutions, allowing boaters and marinas to easily connect and transact. Headquartered in Baltimore, MD, our crew is passionate about two things: boating and delivering exceptional service to our customers.

For questions regarding the rebrand, please contact Izabella Dickson at

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What's New with Marinalife

Marina Updates

Snag-A-Slip Partners with Swell AdvantageSwell Advantage, a highly advanced marina management software, and Snag-A-Slip, a leading boat slip reservation system, announced their new partnership to better service marinas and waterfronts across America and Canada. Together they will provide boaters with a convenient, simple and fully integrated customer service experience.With the recreational boating industry experiencing a boom in growth and competition, marina managers and owners are looking for modern tools. This team of experts will help manage the new generation of boaters. Learn more at[caption id="attachment_324923" align="alignright" width="300"]

Courtesy of Sea Isle Marina - what's new - marinalife

Courtesy of Sea Isle Marina[/caption]Oasis Marinas Property to Host Miami Boat ShowSea Isle Marina, an Oasis managed property, is set to host this year's Miami International Boat Show. Taking place February 16-20, seminars, educational programs and exhibits will be held at locations including Sea Isle Marina, Herald Plaza, Island Gardens Marina and Miami Beach Convention Center. Visit to snatch great deals on Miami slip rentals.Saunders Yachtworks Named Alabama's Clean & Resilient MarinaThis squeaky-clean yacht yard located in the Gulf Shores of Alabama earned the state's first Clean and Resilient Marina award from the Mississippi- Alabama Sea Grant Consortium. Saunders Yachtworks has been in business for 62 years and has exceeded Environmental Protection Agency requirements for efforts such as effluent control and runoff elimination. For more information visit saundersyacht.comThe British Virgin Islands Are Fully Open!Plan your escape to paradise from anywhere in the world now that the BVI has reopened for all international travel. With common COVID requirements such as proof of vaccination, negative tests or quarantining, you can now easily plan trips through BVI tourism and Marinalife's Priceline portal. For more info, visit

2021 Photo Contest Winners

We are proud to present the winners of the past year's Life on the Water Photography Contest. After receiving triple the amount of submissions as the previous year, it was not easy selecting our final images captured by so many talented photographers. Check out our top prize winners here.This year's contest was sponsored by Sunbrella.

Upcoming Boat Shows

St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat ShowSt. Petersburg, FLJanuary 20-23, 2022The Chesapeake Bay Boat ShowPresented by the Marine Trades Association of Baltimore CountyTimonium, MDJanuary 21-23, 2022Miami International Boat ShowMiami, FLFebruary 16-20, 2022Palm Beach International Boat ShowWest Palm Beach, FLMarch 24-27, 2022

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What's New with Marinalife

Marina Updates

Oasis Marinas Branches into the SouthOasis is proud to announce its latest expansion with new properties including Marina at Grande Dunes in Myrtle Beach, SC, Marriott Hutchinson Island Marina in Stuart, FL, and Sea Isle Marina in Miami, FL. To keep up with our growing family, visit[caption id="attachment_324915" align="alignright" width="300"]

Hawks Cay Pool - what's new - marinalife

Hawks Cay Pool | Hawks Cay Resort[/caption]Plan your Fall Escape to Hawks CayAre you planning a fall wedding, anniversary, celebration or just need a relaxing getaway? This 85-slip marina and resort in Duck Key is a gorgeous waterside venue for any occasion. The resort offers island wedding packages, sunset cruises, charters, paddleboard and kayak rentals, and reef snorkeling excursions to Collins Patch and Grassy Key Sandbar. To book now, visit hawkscay.comA Change of Hands in Kent IslandPetrie Ventures and McGrath Development recently announced their acquisition of Bay Bridge Marina and Hemingway's Restaurant in Stevensville, MD. Marina enhancements and restaurant revamping are soon to come, along with plans to reopen a new Tiki Bar next year. Stay tuned at

Become a Driven Member & Get Exclusive Benefits

Whether you need a safe, reliable and transaction-free ride to the airport, for corporate travel, or just for a fun night out, Driven is the only transportation service of its kind. This members only model provides an easy experience that is personalized to the customer's needs. Visit

Three Cheers for our Olympic Athletes

This year, Marinalife was pleased to sponsor the U.S. Olympic Sailing Team in the 2021 summer games. We supported Olympic athletes Nikki Barnes and Lara Dallman-Weiss on their journey to Tokyo. After completing all 10 qualifying races they came in 12th place overall in the Women's 470. We are so proud of their achievements on the international stage!

Upcoming Boat Shows

United States Powerboat ShowAnnapolis, MDOctober 7-10, 2021[caption id="attachment_324918" align="alignright" width="300"]

olympics - what's new - marinalife

Courtesy of Anna Suslova[/caption]United States Sailboat ShowAnnapolis, MDOctober 14-18, 2021Fort Lauderdale International Boat ShowFort Lauderdale, FLOctober 27-31, 2021St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat ShowSt. Petersburg, FLJanuary 20-23, 2022The Chesapeake Bay Boat ShowPresented by the Marine Trades Association of Baltimore CountyTimonium, MDJanuary 21-23, 2022

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What's New with Marinalife

Marina Updates

Oasis Marinas Announces New East Coast PropertiesOasis welcomes Port Clinton Marina, located at the mouth of the Hammonasset River in Clinton, CT. With easy access to Long Island Sound, this 140-slip facility boasts spectacular views of Clinton Harbor and Cedar Island alongside parks, beaches and a beautiful wildlife refuge.[caption id="attachment_324908" align="alignright" width="300"]

Nantucket Boat Basin - what's new - marinalife

Old South Wharf at Nantucket Boat Basin[/caption]Back at the homeport, two more Maryland properties join the Oasis family: Clinton Street Boatel, a top-notch service facility for maintenance and storage in Baltimore, and the historic Maryland Yacht Club, situated between stunning views of Rock Creek and the Patapsco River in Pasadena where a junior sailing program is offered during the summer. oasismarinas.comPlan your Summer Escape to Hilton Head IslandIf you're ready to vacation in a warm, welcoming and safe environment, Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort and Shelter Cove Harbour & Marina in the heart of South Carolina's Lowcountry are ready for you. A secluded paradise, Shelter Cove's recently dredged port boasts 178 wet slips on floating docks accommodating boats ranging from 15 to 150 ft. For more info visit and palmettodunes.comNew Upgrades on the Island of NantucketThe Nantucket Boat Basin completed phase one of its bulkhead renovation project and finished installing new piers on Old South Wharf. Be among the first to stay this season and book a visit for fall (September - October) and enjoy 50% off July - August rates. For details visit

Announcing Marinalife's 2021 Contests

Photo ContestSubmit your best summertime shot for a chance to win prizes! Enter by September 10, 2021 at Marina ContestCast your ballot for the top marinas of 2021! You can now vote for Best Large Marina (more than 100 slips) and Best Small Marina (less than 100 slips). Submit your selections by October 1, 2021 at

Upcoming Boat Shows

Newport International Boat ShowNewport, RISeptember 16-19, 2021United States Powerboat ShowAnnapolis, MDOctober 7-10, 2021United States Sailboat ShowAnnapolis, MDOctober 14-18, 2021The Chesapeake Bay Boat ShowPresented by MTABCTimonium, MDJanuary 21-23, 2022

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Marinalife's Photo Contest Winners

MARINALIFE IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE the winners of our 2021 Photography Contest. We tip our hats to the three finalists and four runners-up who rose to the top amid hundreds of images submitted for our annual shutterbug event. Competition this year was tough, as our judges sifted through snapshots of boating at its best, when friends and families built treasured memories, shared good times afloat and paused to marvel at the magic of nature. A special thanks goes out to our sponsor, Sunbrella, and all participants who sent pictures from around the country.

1st Place

Charlie Marks - 1st place - marinalife
Lunch on the Island by Charlie Marks

Lunch on the Island by Charlie MarksAs he sat down at a seaside café on Hydra Island in Greece, Charlie Marks noticed that he wasn't the only one waiting for lunch to be served. A fisherman tied his workboat up to the dock, and three tabby cats gathered to inspect the catch of the day. When a fish tail flipped at the rim of a wooden box, an orange feline settled in, hoping for a nip or two of a fin.That's when Charlie pulled out his Nikon D300 and caught the shot. After working at Delta Airlines for 17 years, he was more accustomed to action photos from aviation events and air shows. But his passion for photography taught him to be at the ready when the right image presented itself. This new resident of Amelia Island hopes to expand his photographic collection into images of Florida's wildlife, coastal living and incomparable sunsets.

2nd Place

Jason O'Brien-2nd place - marinalife
My Personal Best Fish ... for Now by Jason O'Brien

My Personal Best Fish ... for Now by Jason O'BrienFor avid anglers, the only thing better than pulling in a record-breaking trophy fish is being next to your son when he reels in his first big catch. While heading offshore on his friend's boat called Kaos for a day trip out of Morehead City, NC, Jason hoped that seasickness wouldn't hinder his seven-year-old son Hunter who dreamed about all kinds of aquatic species. Despite feeling a little green around the gills, Hunter sprang into action when he saw his rod dip and knew he'd hooked a big one.Without any adult assistance, Hunter landed a whopper yellowfin tuna and held it steady while his dad snapped a photo with his cell phone. In addition to sharing a moment that neither one of them will ever forget, Jason notes that some people wait too long to have these experiences with their children. Giving them opportunities at an early age opens the door for unimaginable adventures together, and they'll surprise you with how they rise to the occasion.

3rd Place

Cynthia ten Haaf-3rd place - marinalife
Surrounded by Cynthia ten Haaf

Surrounded by Cynthia ten HaafWhile tugging on her flippers and mask, Adellia felt a twinge of trepidation. She was about to take the plunge on her first snorkeling trip near Staniel Cay with her grandmother Cynthia, and this 13-year-old city gal from Michigan wasn't sure what awaited her in the blue Caribbean Sea. Following her grandmother's confident lead, Adellia lowered herself into the water and swam to a cave called The Grotto that was teaming with colorful aquatic life.The warm water eased Adellia's angst, but she still kept a tight hold of Cynthia's arm as they explored the coral reef. Before long, a school of striped sergeant majors gathered around, curious about their human visitors. Cynthia suggested that Adellia might need to release her grip if she wanted to get a photo of this amazing spectacle. When she let go, Adellia's love for snorkeling was born. Cynthia's reflection on this remarkable shared experience: When you have a chance to take your grandchildren to do something you love, they often get as much out of it as you.

Photo Contest Runners-Up

Marinalife would also like to congratulate four runners-up in the 2021 Photography Contest. Their images take us on a journey from daredevil dolphins and a family of rafting revelers to a gorgeous sunset and a precious toddler catching a few winks after a day on the boat.  Clockwise from the upper left photo, we thank the following photographers for sharing such memorable experiences.

All I Have to Do Is Dream by Mike Hechtkopf

Rafter Laughter by Shelly Coffey

Red Sails in the Sunset by Randy Lawson

They're Doing this on Porpoise by Lyndon Seales

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Photo Contest Winners

WE ARE PROUD TO announce the winners of Marinalife's 20th Anniversary Photo Contest. Choosing three finalists and four runners-up was no easy task after receiving a gamut of noteworthy images from around the country. But those top seven shots, presented on the following pages, caught our eye because they exemplify what we love about boating – the breathtaking power of nature, the joy of family gatherings on the water, the elegance of an old vessel, and the whimsical charm of pets and aquatic creatures.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the photo contest by submitting memorable pictures of life on the water. We hope these winning shots rekindle fond memories of summer boating during this chilly winter season.

[caption id="attachment_321629" align="alignright" width="384"]

Nature's Fury on the Horizon - Photo Contest Winners - Marinalife

Nature's Fury on the Horizon by Larry Tibbe[/caption]Nature's Fury on the Water, Larry Tibbe ⊳After an early evening cocktail cruise at Longboat Key Club Moorings in Florida, Larry Tibbe saw a perfect storm rumbling on the horizon. We were just walking the docks and checking out the boats, when I looked up at a big cloud formation in the sky, remembers this Vietnam veteran, amateur photographer and avid boater. Just as suddenly as the storm appeared, it began to dissipate, so he pulled out his camera and caught the shot before it was just a lovely memory.

Nearly a half century ago, Larry taught himself to sail by reading books and magazines on the topic, and later joined the University of Michigan's sailing team. He now lives in Sarasota Bay and cruises around Florida's West Coast and Keys in his Sea Ray 40 Sundancer. In this part of the country, awe-inspiring displays of nature are as regular as the tides. When it comes to photographing them, he admits, Sometimes you just get lucky.

[caption id="attachment_321630" align="alignleft" width="264"]

Small Boat, Big Memories - Photo Contest winners - Marinalife

Small Boat, Big Memories by Katinka Domotorffy[/caption]

⊲ Small Boat, Big Memories by K. DomotorffyKatinka and her family were heading back into Catawba Landing Marina after a long day of tubing, swimming and fishing in the waters of Lake Erie when her son and his two cousins turned around and flashed big ear-to-ear smiles.

The boys embodied the reason she crams provisions and people into her 18-foot Zodiac as often as possible in the summer. You don't need a big boat to have a great time, says this Ohio resident. It's all about building memories on the water with each generation of our family. Away from the distractions of work, school activities and video games, the kids get to be kids, and we all take time to enjoy the simple pleasures we share in boating. She took the photo with her iPhone camera.

[caption id="attachment_321631" align="alignright" width="280"]

Reflections on the Eastern Shore - Photo Contest Winners - Marinalife

Reflections on the Eastern Shore by Kimberley Kelly[/caption]

Reflections on the Eastern Shore by Kimberly Kelly ⊳At the crack of dawn, Kimberly launched from Gargatha (population 381) on Virginia's Eastern Shore, eager to begin a photography workshop. The instructor, renowned photographer Jay Fleming, led her group of novice shutterbugs into the Chesapeake Bay. The tide was out, and the waters were dead calm.

The subject of their photo shoot was a wooden hull skiff, recently painted red, white and blue and anchored next to an old oyster watch house in the remote marshlands near Wachapreague. The contrasting images set an idyllic scene that captured an old seaside way of life, refreshed with bold colors to represent the ever-changing waterfront lifestyle.

Fairwinds Marina in Annapolis is home to Kimberly's 21-foot Boston Whaler that carries her and her husband into the Bay for pleasant days of fishing. Kimberly brings her reliable Canon cameras along to document her journeys as she explores the hidden gems of the region.

Marinalife also extends congratulations to the four runners-up in the 20th Anniversary Photo Contest. Their images remind us that the water often brings out the child-like wonder and rebellious spirit in both two- and four-legged visitors.

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