2022 Photo Contest Winners

Elnicki Wade

WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE the winners of Marinalife’s 2022 Photo Contest. Choosing three finalists and five runners-up was no easy task after reviewing more than 300 images from around the globe. The top eight shots caught our eye, because they exemplify what we love about boating — the breathtaking beauty of aquatic creatures, the exhilarating challenges of boat races, the serenity of marinas at sunset and the majestic charm of coastal towns. Many thanks to everyone who participated in the contest by sending memorable pictures of life on the water. For the first time in the history of the contest, aerial drone shots and black and white images were submitted, bringing spectacular new perspectives to our maritime activities.


Whale Spotting on Long Island — by Joanna Steidle

A massive humpback whale had wandered about 20 feet offshore, gracefully dipping down to feed upon a school of menhaden fish swimming off Two Mile Hollow Beach in East Hampton, NY. Joanna’s hands slightly trembled with excitement, but she waited for her target to rise back up to the water’s surface. When the whale emerged from the waves, she quickly switched her drone from video to camera and started snapping shots. Holding steady to capture the right moment paid off for this Long Island native, who started racing drones in 2015 and was certified as a commercial remote pilot in 2017. Since then, she’s built an extensive collection of aerial photos of sharks, rays and other aquatic creatures in the region. For her, drones offer a different bird’s eye perspective and new dimensions to places you think you already know. “I like to make people think, stare and wonder.” With this stunning whale photo, she certainly succeeded. For more, go to

A Spectacular Sailboat Regatta by — Dieter Vollmer

Sometimes when you least expect it, the opportunity for a great shot presents itself, so it’s wise to keep your camera handy. That’s what Dieter Vollmer learned while vacationing on the Italian Riviera. He put sunbathing on pause when he heard that the Vele d’Epoca in Imperia, Italy, was taking place offshore. This annual regatta of vintage sailboats from around the Mediterranean sounded interesting to the vocational education teacher and amateur photographer from Cologne, Germany. He grabbed his camera and snagged a ticket for an escort boat that was taking spectators out to the regatta. When he arrived at the race, Dieter was awed by the gorgeous historic sailboats, but as the waves swelled and rocked his small escort boat, he hung on for dear life while shooting photos as quickly as possible. Back home, he decided to convert the sailboat photo to black and white to give it a dramatic effect and old-fashioned feel to match the vintage boats.

Night Lights in Ocean City — by Moses Cohen

During the pandemic, some people binge-watched TV shows or taught themselves how to bake bread. Moses Cohen used his COVID down-time to learn about drone photography. After building a career at a healthcare agency, he was ready to take on a new skill. He bought a few drones and got his license in 2020, then began shooting photos for real estate clients. His business began to blossom in the Delmarva area, and Moses attended the White Marlin Open, one of his favorite fishing tournaments along the Atlantic. The weather and wind were especially rough one day, so most of the boats remained at the Sunset Marina in Ocean City, MD. That evening, he sent up his drone and captured this striking image of the vessels lined up along the docks. The colorful lights make this a stand-out shot, but Moses used no filters on the picture. Those are the brilliant hues that the captains chose for their boats.


Marinalife also extends congratulations to the five runners up in the 2022 Photo Contest. Their images showcase the whimsical nature of sea creatures, the rugged beauty of seascapes, and the magical play of light on the sky and water.

Battle of the Buoy in Depoe Bay — by Lisa Smith

Returning from Alice Kelly Billfish Tournament — by Terri Chabot

A Magical Sunset in Florida — by Mark Krancer

Golden Hour at the Marina — by Nicholas Heinemann

Cruising around Los Cabos — by Eduardo Arteago (Image featured on homepage)

See pages 14-18 of Marinalife's winter 2023 issue to view the full winner photo spread.

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