Calabash Marina - Jake Zaludek


Jake Zaludek

General Manager

Calabash Marina

Calabash, NC

Jake Zaludek | Calabash Marina

How long have you been at Calabash Marina and what brought you here?

After almost 20 years of working in law enforcement and the last seven as the supervisor of the Marine Patrol Unit, I was always drawn toward the marine industry. I’ve been at Calabash Marina for six months now and when given the opportunity to come onboard as the general manager, my family helped me make the nerve-jangling but exciting decision.

What should everyone do or see at your marina?

The marina is truly amazing from its location to the waterside porches and docks, as well as our new building, ship store and amenities. There is so much here to enjoy.

If you could spend a day on the water with anyone, who would it be?

My wife and kids — this is one of our favorite things to do. We enjoy meeting up with other families and friends and cooking out and just enjoying the day.

Name the top three songs on your summer boating playlist.

“Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes,” by Jimmy Buffett, “The Life,” by Kenny Chesney and “The Seashores of Old Mexico,” by George Strait.

What is one of your best boating memories?

My wife and I would take our deck boat out on the lake after work and just anchor out. We would fire up the grill and cook steaks, baked beans and vegetables. Sitting out there on the water allowed us to escape reality for a little while.

Where is your favorite cruising spot?

That’s a secret ... My family and I love to cruise the ICW from Myrtle Beach to Southport. We do enjoy beaching up at some of the local backwater beaches.

Where do you send people for an authentic dining experience when they arrive at your marina?

Calabash is known for seafood but anywhere is amazing as it’s a neat little fishing town with a wide variety of food. You find several seafood restaurants as well as Greek, Italian, Peruvian, Asian and some good burger and barbeque spots.

Describe yourself in three words.

Genuine. Hardworking. Determined.

What are you most excited about for summertime at the marina?

I’m excited to see all the fruits of our labor come to light. Everyone on my team has worked so hard and put their personal touch on Calabash Marina, and now we are ready to see everyone enjoying the property.

What is the number one attraction you recommend for visitors to your area?

The beach. We have some of the most beautiful beaches out there. They are even more extraordinary to see by water as you pull your boat or our rental boats up to the beach. Catch it at the right time, and you will have the entire private beach to yourself, for you and your family and friends to enjoy.

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