Port Personalities - Jacqueline Callender, Bay Street Marina

Port Personality

Elnicki Wade


Port Personalities - Jacqueline Callender, Bay Street Marina on Marinalife

Describe the first time you remember being on a boat.

My first memory was as an adult when I went on a yacht to Florida. It was breathtaking! I could not sleep at all that night; the ocean was absolutely gorgeous.

What in life prepared you for this job?

Since childhood I've always loved dealing with people. Growing up on Harbour Island in the Bahamas and helping my mom with guests was something I immediately loved, especially meeting different people of all cultures.

What are the challenges of being a woman in the marina business?

Not much at all, because I'm tough! I try my best to ensure that every guest I greet is happy, so over the years I've developed wonderful friendships at the marina.

You work in paradise. Where do you go on vacation?

Paradise of course! I am from Harbour Island on the island of Eleuthera, so I go home for vacation. Paradise to paradise!

What are the most important items to always keep on a boat?

A good captain, a good chef and a good crew!

What book do you believe every boater should read, and why?

Islands of the Sun by Bahamian author John A. Thompson and Nikita Shiel-Rolle. Very informative on cruising in the Bahamas.

If you weren't working at the marina, what job would suit you best?

Guest services/front desk, for sure. I love talking to people.

Describe the perfect meal. What would you eat and where would you be?

Easy! When I'm not working, I love being home with my kids eating a home-cooked meal of macaroni and cheese, fried fish and salad.

What famous person would you most like to meet?

Oprah Winfrey.

What's the best safety tip you can give to a new boater?

I can sum it up in four words in regard to cruising in the Bahamas reefs and sandbanks! I see problems with them every day.Words of advice: Don't take your eyes off the water!

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