Cruising Club Members


Cruising Club Members

Marinalife enjoys working with thousands of boaters to help make their time on the water more enjoyable. Whether it's finding the right marina for their trip, planning a cruise, locating a fuel dock with the best prices, or simply offering discounted rates on dockage or fuel, the Marinalife Cruising Club can help with all of their cruising needs.

We thought it would be fun to hear from these members, some of whom have recently joined the Cruising Club and some who have been Marinalife members for many years.

Rick & Tonya Antle

(members since 2013)

My wife and I are in the process of planning the second leg of our loop trip and we used Marinalife's online booking services to make reservations at 14 marinas along the way! Within one day, we had 12 confirmations and two of the marinas let us know they were booked up from a fishing derby. Marinalife immediately gave us a few other recommendations and.voila....our trip is set! A big thank you to Marinalife's team for making our bucket list voyage so easy and stress free!

Rick & Catherine Topel

(members since 2008)

We have used Marinalife services since 2008 and truly find the reservation assistance invaluable. We are a professional yacht crew and visit over 30 ports a year. The time Marinalife saves us in managing our docking requests is terrific; it frees us to attend to other on-board duties. We recommend them often to our boating friends and will continue to be a member for years to come.

Chris & Cara Lynn Cannon

(members since 2004)

I always use Marinalife for all of my marina reservations. They are always professional, courteous, helpful, and timely. When calling many marinas, I typically end up leaving a voicemail and never know how long before they (if ever) will call you back. With Marinalife, I can book online any time of the day or night and cross it off my list knowing it will be taken care of. I consider my annual membership cost as a true investment with great returns. With Marinalife discounts, I typically save over $ 1,700 per year in slip fees and fuel costs -- more than offsetting my membership cost. I cannot imagine cruising without Marinalife.

Jay & Ann Bearden

(members since 2004)

We use Marinalife almost exclusively for making our marina reservations! We love having reviews to help decide if the marinas are right for us. Often, we make our reservations on board as we are cruising. It's an easy way to improvise as we travel. Most of the marinas we have used offer fuel discounts to Marinalife members. Additionally, I read every page of the magazine when it arrives. Planning our next trip is always an adventure!

Tim & Lori McAlear

(members since 2012)

We enjoy using Marinalife as a resource for all of our boat travel. It's so convenient... we simply place an online reservation and very promptly we have an email confirming our slip. While we enjoy the convenience of Marinalife's services and the discounts on dockage and fuel, the best part of the membership is that Marinalife has built many relationships with marinas over the years, and their helpful guidance gives us the confidence we need when selecting our next destination.

Raymond Masciana

(member since 2002)

Marinalife to me is like having a personal concierge service on my boat. Trip planning services and marina reservations are all available with just a click of mouse. The Marinalife Cruising Club card is well known throughout the marinas and makes your membership practically free with all the discounts on fuel and dockage! As the popular saying goes, What's in your wallet? The Marinalife card is in mine. Don't leave your boat without it.

Randy Borkenstein

(member since 2012)

Last year was my first year boating and Off The Grid is my first boat, which I bought from MarineMax that came with a free Marinalife Membership. Friends made fun of me that my very first boat was such a big boat and I just jumped in. I started flipping through the pages of the Marinalife magazine and saw the benefits of the membership.My wife and I wanted to plan trips but we had no idea which marina to use and where to go. Marinalife took all the guesswork out of finding the right marina and making the reservations so I didn't feel like a rookie when it came to cruising.

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