Cruising with your Canine

Boating with your pets


1) Earthbath's Waterless Grooming Foam is a great product to use while boating with your pet. Simply rub on this all-natural foam into your dog's coat and towel your pup dry; it's that simple. Earthbath products are completely natural, made with gentle cleansers that help resolve your dog's allergies while also giving your dog's coat a beautiful shine. It helps control shedding and is safe for dogs 6 weeks old and up. ($10.99,

2) Safety Turtle's Pet Immersion Alarm is a life- saver for boaters who bring their pets along.This product instantly sounds a loud alarm at the base station when the turtle (which securely attaches to your pet's collar, harness, or life jacket) is immersed in the water, alerting owners if their pet falls or jumps overboard. ($281.20,

3) Paws Aboard Doggy Life Jackets are designed to keep your pet safe and comfortable for a long day on the water. Choose from six unique designs and colors to fit dogs from 2 to 200 pounds. Constructed to provide ultimate buoyancy along with a secure fit, the Doggy Life Jackets have an advanced breathable mesh underbelly for proper drying and have a handle on top for quick and easy grabbing. ($24.99-$49.99,

4) Doggydock, made by the PupGear Corporation, is a floatable ramp that attaches to your boat platform quickly and allows dogs of all shapes and sizes to climb in and out of the water with ease. Made with marine-grade materials including stainless steel hardware, marine board, and UV resistant fibers, the Doggydock is designed to make boating as fun for a dog as it is for the captain. ($345-$410,

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