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Destination: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Ciudad del Carmen | Source Kenya Avilés González

On the west side of the Yucatan Peninsula, Ciudad del Carmen was a fishing village on Isla del Carmen long before oil was discovered off the coast in the 1970s. Thanks to the growing petroleum industry, abundant fishing grounds and a bridge built to connect the island to the mainland, Ciudad del Carmen is now a seafood hotspot and thriving beach destination.

The town only takes up a small portion of the barrier island that separates the Gulf of Mexico from the country’s largest coastal lagoon, Laguna de Términos. The lagoon is an official Ramsar site that visitors can tour by boat in hopes of seeing the hundreds of elusive creatures that make their home in this beautiful habitat.

On the opposite side of the island, white sand paves the way into the surf of the Gulf of Mexico. Playa Norte is one of the popular beaches on the island. Restaurants featuring fresh seafood and nightlife run parallel to the northern coast providing guests with the tropical beach town feel. Plenty of quieter beaches line the shore too, if you’re willing to take a short drive or a paddle.

Town Center awaits on the west coast of Isla del Carmen, presenting vestiges of colorful colonial European architecture. An old hospital was restored and is now the home of the island’s history museum, which details the region’s pre-Columbian history through the Spanish Inquisition.

Visitors who need a beach break can find other activities on Ciudad del Carmen and further afield. Plaza Zentralia is a shopping center with a variety of restaurants next to the airport, which also acts as an activity hub with plenty of bars in the immediate area and fantastic dining experiences lining the roads between the airport and town center. The botanical gardens and zoo are other great options for half or full-day entertainment that highlight the biodiversity of the surrounding area. Visitors can end the night at the casino or the bars in town.

History buffs and day-trippers might enjoy seeing what the rest of the state has to offer. The capital city of Campeche has a UNESCO world heritage site just 200 km up the coast. The region is also home to well-preserved remains of ancient Mayan temples.

Ciudad del Carmen | Source Rodolfo Israel


Marina Bucanero


Marina Bucanero on the lagoon side of Ciudad del Carmen is a charming marina and hotel.


OV Vaquero Restaurante Y Taqueria


Located near the center of town, OV Vaquero serves an excellent taco, but the menu also includes a full spread of high-quality starters, soups, salads and desserts.

La Pigua Ciudad del Carmen

+52-938- 112-0808

Near Playa Norte, La Pigua is a local franchise in Campeche serving Mexican, Caribbean and local seafood. Prices are reasonable, and the coconut shrimp is hailed as the signature dish.

Cocteleria Cajun


Located at the southwestern end of the island, Cocteleria Cajun is known for fresh seafood and comfortable atmosphere. A popular place among locals, visitors to Ciudad del Carmen agree that this spot should not be missed.

Mosto Beer House

+52-938- 111-1992

On the southern side of the island, Mosto Beer House serves a variety of international beers, and the pizza is a crowd pleaser. The cozy wood-fronted bar also attracts visitors and adds to the atmosphere.

Mr. Pampas Do Brasil


This lively Brazilian steakhouse is near the center of the island and boasts an extensive menu of local dishes, fresh meats, a fresh salad bar and a kids room for family meals.

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