Top 2021 Family-Friendly Boating Activities

Family-Friendly Activities Guaranteed to Rock the Boat!


We love our boats! They give us, and our families, so much enjoyment and pleasure. But, after a few seasons of cruising across the bay, fishing, or swimming we can find ourselves in a rut -- especially young crew members. The next time things get a bit boring onboard, try some of these family-friendly activities guaranteed to rock the boat and keep everyone entertained and loving the boating life!


family-friendly boating activities - wake surfing - marinalife

If your boat makes a wake, you can surf it! This sport has become so popular that boat-builders are designing boats with ballast tanks and specialized trim tabs that create larger, smoother wakes.  But even though your boat may not be specially designed for wakesurfing, you can still have tons of fun riding the waves.

Learn how here Wakesurf Tutorial #1 - Getting Started - Bing video


If you can't tell from the name, this sport combines golfing and fishing! Here's how to play: each player counts the number of casts it takes to catch a fish. Then, toss an inner-tube over the side of the boat, lay a piece of artificial turf on the bow, and count how many strokes it takes each player to chip a biodegradable golf ball through the tube. Combine the numbers, and you'll have each player's score.

A Different Catch of the Day

Ever been out on a day the fish just aren't biting? No problem! There are plenty of other fun water dwellers to harvest. For instance, try tonging for oysters, or digging for clams. How about snorkeling for spiny lobster or hand-catching bay scallops? Wherever you go on your boat, there's bound to be the makings of a fun harvest and a tasty meal.

Tom Sawyer-ing

Tackling a project on your boat with your crew doesn't have to be work, it can be played. More importantly, it can bring you closer together -- working for a common goal. So, hand out the tools, start fixing stuff, and keep your boat shipshape.

Sleep Under the Stars

family-friendly boating activities - marinalife - stargazing

If your boat has a nice big cabin, sleeping over is probably a regular occurrence. But we know that most boaters never spend a full night on board. Don't miss out on the magic that is sleeping on a boat. Go ahead and choose a destination and camp out on the deck.  Be sure to determine ahead of time what you'll use for shelter. For instance, a sleeping bag under the Bimini works. Also, you'll need to find a good anchorage, have a full tank of gas, and a jam-packed cooler.


Nothing feels better than zipping around in your boat. But exploring in a self-propelled craft like a kayak or Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) allows you commune with nature, and enjoy peaceful time on the waterway. It's also great exercise. So, next time you cruise into a river or cove, hop on your kayak or SUP. You'll be amazed at what you see.

Be a Gracious Boat Owner

It's said that if you're lucky enough to own a boat, you're lucky enough. However, most people can only dream of a day on the water.  Why not bring a few friends out for a day of sun and fun? There are also lots of non-profit organizations that are looking for boaters to gift an afternoon on the water to those they support. Take one of our heroes out through the Wounded Warriors Project , or special-needs kids through The Wish-A-Fish foundation .  You'll be glad you did!

These are just a few of the countless fun, creative and exciting family-friendly activities you can enjoy, while enjoying your boat. Our lakes, rivers, and seas are calling, waiting to be explored. We hear them and we bet you do too!

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