Green Boating: Electric Boats

Candela C-8 T-Top | Photos courtesy of Candela

Electric Boating: An Industry on the Rise

The electric boat market is rapidly expanding, with recent research studies projecting its growth from $5.26 billion in 2022 to $11.35 billion by 2028. This growth can be attributed to several factors, including an increase in recreational boating post-Covid, environmentally focused consumers, and government regulations aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

One challenge the electric boat industry has faced is the metrics of speed, range, and reliability. However, advancements in specialized hull designs, newer battery/engine technology, and monitoring electronics have helped the industry meet these metrics. Companies such as Greenline Yachts, Silent-Yachts, and newcomer Alva Yachts are offering models designed for short- and long-range cruising, eco-friendly luxury, and electric sailing yacht options.

Efficiency and Innovation

Electric-powered boats are becoming more efficient thanks to innovative designs like hydrofoil boats, which use less energy for propulsion due to reduced friction. Candela and Navier are two companies leading the way with their hydrofoil designs. Torqeedo, Vision Marine, Yanmar, and Mercury Marine are also contributing to the electric boating industry with their eco-friendly engine options, including inboard, pod drive, and outboard systems.

Land and Sea Unite 

Major automakers, such as Volkswagen Group and General Motors, are partnering with electric boat manufacturers to provide motors and invest in startups. Polestar, a Swedish electric car company, is also working with Candela to install battery and charging systems. These partnerships will bring shared innovation and manufacturing resources, leading to more efficient production and expansion of electric boat availability. With advancements in performance and production, the popularity of electric boats is growing, offering a more environmentally-friendly option for boaters. Look out for more displays and boat shows featuring electric boats in the near future.

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