Interview with the GM at Suntex Properties: Tidewater Yacht Marina & Ocean Yacht Marina, Portsmouth VA

Meet Bill Galloway


Do you own a boat? If yes, what kind? If no, what is your dream boat?

I have in the past. My passion is sailing and I would love to own a Farr 40 for fun, but we love the idea of living aboard and would choose a Fleming 65 or 78 (depending on how much my wife wants to polish and clean).

Name one of the best qualities of your personality.

I am extremely outgoing. I have never met a stranger. I love to take people out on the water and show them a whole other world that they were never aware of.

How did you get into the marina business?

I was a charter captain in the Caribbean based out of St. Thomas USVI, where I met my wife. She was managing a marina and I learned a lot about the business. When we moved back to the states I was offered a job with Suntex Marinas in Amelia Island, Fla.

If you were not doing this, what job would best suit you?

Captain of a term charter yacht in the Caribbean.

Name one reason that boaters are loyal to a marina.

That staff is what makes or breaks a marina. Location and amenities are a close second and third. When a boat and its crew come to a marina, how they are treated is what is going to keep them coming back again and again. From making their reservation, assistance while docking and checking in is all a very important part of the entire experience. You want your marina to be a destination, even if only for one night.

What's your go-to cocktail?

Cruzan Rum and Coke.

What is your go-to karaoke song?

You wouldn't catch me up on that stage singing a song maybe a Bob Marley song in the privacy of our home with an audience of only my wife.

What is the hardest habit for a boater to break?

Rushing. When a captain is in a rush it almost always ends poorly. You should never approach anything faster than you want to hit it.

Are you a salty or sweet snacker?

Salty. I love a good peanut especially in the South where they know how to make a good boiled peanut.

How do you promote boating to friends thinking about a new boat?

Being out on the water is the most freeing experience they will ever have. Meeting new people in the boating community will open their eyes to a whole new world. Pick something to start out with that you are comfortable with. Learn to operate the boat and don't be afraid to ask for help.

What is the title of the last movie you watched?

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

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