Wellness on the Water Part 2

Staying Shipshape while Cruising this Winter


Marinalife is excited to bring you Part 2 of our Wellness on the Water series, which we hope will inspire and motivate you to get out on the water, meet new friends, see new sights and enjoy refreshing and restorative features of aquatic living. This series shows the connection between water and wellness, proves the boating experience can be healthier and more fun through wellness activities, and introduces you to new places and communities, where you can engage in healthy outdoor fun. Part 1 focused on why water is essential for the mind, body and soul. Part 2 illuminates new health and wellness trends that marinas are adopting and provides destinations to consider.

With the weather changing and the days getting shorter, many of you might be thinking about taking a trip to a warmer climate. We recommend that you put on your itinerary some spectacular places to keep you mentally and physically engaged.

While many marinas have already incorporated healthy activities into their offerings such as yoga, stand up paddleboards and spas and fitness centers, new trends are popping up that differentiate certain marinas from the rest of the pack. Hydration or IV therapy centers, eco tours and cooking classes are the latest in health and wellness activities that marinas offer to attract boaters. These marinas listen to their clientele and understand that many travelers want to maintain their physical well-being while spending time on the water.

Staying Hydrated and Feeling Your Best Just Got Easier

If you travel along the South Florida waterways, be sure to visit Boca Raton Resort & Club, host to the Biostation, the region's leading provider of functional medicine. The Biostation is one of several hydration or IV therapy centers popping up across the United States. Nutrient IV therapy is the fastest, most effective way to optimize your vitamin, nutrient and mineral levels to replenish health rapidly and revitalize your entire body.The Biostation provides a full medical staff and core services including a complete wellness evaluation, bioidentical hormone therapy, nutrition counseling and nutrient therapy. Founded and run by Martin Bloom, a cardiologist and functional medicine expert, it's where you can stop in for an energizing B12 shot or choose from a variety of IV therapy cocktails that are designed for specific ailments. Maybe you had too many cocktails the night before or you decided to start training for a marathon. In just 30 to 60 minutes, your body is replenished and rehydrated, and you feel ready to take on the world.

Burn Calories, Not Fuel Join an Eco Tour

For those planning to cruise Florida's Gulf Coast and are looking for action but are also conscious of its carbon footprint, Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina in Fort Myers will not disappoint. Explore the inlets and islands of Fort Myers Beach from the sea by joining one of their guided eco tours no motorized vehicles are allowed. The resort's recreation team offers an array of professional kayak tours at different skill levels and helps you discover breathtaking scenery.

Wellness on the Water Part 2 | Lifestyle | Marinalife

For the advanced kayaker, a trip across Estero Bay allows you to experience the extensive Mangrove system of Lee County's Bunche Beach Preserve. Depending on the tide, you can explore the broad mudflats and the exquisite canopied creeks. Your guide interprets the local wildlife and man's impact on these sensitive ecosystems. Visitors leave feeling good that they experienced all of this under their own power.Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic is a 7,000-acre gem that presents various eco tours that feature horseback riding, hiking trails and sailing. You get to experience the islands' rich biodiversity while burning calories, not fuel.

Wellness on the Water Part 2 | Lifestyle | Marinalife

Tours include visiting caves, where the indigenous Arawak people lived, and wetlands and coppice forests, where rare animals, wild birds and exotic plant life reside. Or join a historic excursion by taking a scenic walk through La Romana on the way to a 100,000-year-old cave. You'll learn about the cave's geological formations and the pictographs left by the Taíno Indians, who lived there long before Christopher Columbus arrived. Many sights can be experienced without ever getting into a car or bus. And you'll be so enamored with the scenery and history that you won't believe how many steps you've taken. Unless, of course, you have an Apple Watch or Fitbit!

Cooking Tips from Fresh-Food Experts

If hiking and kayaking aren't your speed but eating fresh food is, the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo is a must. In addition to golf, tennis, a spa and a family-friendly nature center, it offers the Ocean Reef Cooking School. Run by Carole Kotkin, a cooking teacher, cookbook author and food and travel writer, you discover a world of culinary delights through hands-on cooking classes, interactive group classes, cooking demonstrations and tasting events. Classes are run by guest chefs and Ocean Reef Club's accomplished chefs.

What a treat for those of us who like to cook but are limited by space and lack of appliances on our boats. While exploring the local restaurant scene is fun, dining out gets expensive, and your food choices might stray from the healthy norm.

Attending the Ocean Reef Cooking School is a great opportunity to get firsthand experience from amazing chefs and learn about local cuisines as well as some of their favorite ethnic foods from around the world. The environment is interactive, so look forward to meeting your fellow boaters and resort guests. A fresh meal is guaranteed as dishes are based on what's in-season, plus you get to eat what you create.

As you cruise the waterways this winter, share your favorite wellness-conscious marinas by emailing sarahridgely@icloud.com. We would love to hear how you stay healthy during your travels.

Marinas that Promote Wellness & Fitness Activities

Longboat Key Club Moorings
Sarasota, FL, 941-383-8383

Mind & Motion is Longboat Key's state-of-the-art fitness center that overlooks the golf course. The fitness facility offers a full range of classes from yoga and Pilates to boot camps and spinning. If you'd rather have your toes in the sand, Mind & Motion also offers beach yoga and water fitness classes.

Admiral's Cove
Jupiter, FL, 561-744-1700

The fitness department at Admiral's Cove focuses on all aspects of your mind, body and spirit. Fitness professionals will tailor a program that meets your specific needs. Whether it be a day of sailing to regain your stamina or a yoga class to rebuild your core and mind. Every personal trainer at the facilities holds one of three prestigious certifications to raise your health to its top potential

.Ocean's Edge
Key West, FL, 877-935-0862

Ocean's Edge offers a lengthy list of watersport activities to keep you active during your stay. Fishing, paddle boarding, yoga, kayaking and scuba diving activities are all available, and rental, equipment and accessories are provided for your exploration.

Wellness on the Water Part 2 | Lifestyle | Marinalife

Hyatt Regency Sarasota Resort & Marina
Sarasota, FL, 941-953-1234

The Hyatt's StayFit Gym is a 24-hour complimentary gym with high-tech fitness equipment. If you prefer to be in the water, swim some laps in the 130-foot outdoor pool or enjoy fun activities such as sailing, fishing, boating or paddle boarding. The Hyatt also offers bicycle rentals so you can cruise around town.

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