Marinalife's Top Innovative Picks From Palm Beach 2023


After returning from the sunny docks of the Palm Beach International Boat Show in Palm Beach, Florida, Marinalife was in awe of some of the latest products on the market. However, we couldn’t help but keep thinking about a few in particular. 

These products go against the grain of the marine industry and give a unique twist to some of the simple joys of being on the water. So here you have it, Marinalife’s top picks from the 2023 Palm Beach Boat Show. 

Palm Yachts 

Palm Yacts
Palm Yachts courtesy of Palm Yachts

When walking the docks of the boat show, you can’t miss the bright pastel colors of Palm Yachts, the latest venture from Palm Beach Lately and Yachts Lately. Palm Yachts provides a unique experience for boaters with a custom-built 17’ Palm 17 hull and the fully restored center console Boston Whalers equipped with cabana-striped Bimini tops. 

Both of these boats include brand new  2023  90hp Suzuki outboard engines, fusion stereo, two Yeti coolers, and more as part of the purchase. These colorful and exclusive picnic boats are perfect for a variety of activities such as anchoring at the sand bar, island hopping with friends or taking a sunset cruise. 


FOIL Board courtesy of FOIL
FOIL boat courtesy of FOIL

FOIL is taking watersports to a whole new level. FOIL is the original flying stoke machine with a top speed of 33 mph and a max ride time of 180 minutes. This one-of-a-kind board has a direct drive meaning the motor delivers 9hp with no gearboxes or maintenance - just rinse it when you’re done. 

At 5'8, the FOIL board is an ideal size for new riders, making it easier for them to learn the ropes. For an added boost of confidence and accelerated learning, pair the board with the 250HA wing. FOIL has created their boards to be upgradable, with no built-in electronics, antennas, or water tubes. You can easily switch to a smaller size board whenever you feel comfortable doing so. All you need is a single connection from the battery to the motor.

Docktail Bar 

Docktail Bar
Docktail Bar courtest of Docktail Bar

Docktail Bar has one main goal - to help boaters eat, drink, and entertain in style! This premium boating accessory attaches to your vessel to create a space where you can expand cup holders and beverage service and have a place for food, snacks, and storage.

With versatile options for every kind of boat and boater's needs, there is no question that Docktail Bar will enhance your boating lifestyle. Not sure which model is best for you? Steve Fill, the inventor of Docktail Bar will walk you through all your options to make sure you get the table that is best suited for you. 

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