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Six-Person Inflatable Swan Party Island

Sun Pleasure Inflatable
This swan-shaped floaty is a lazy day lounging extravagance. It's spacious enough for the whole family and is kid friendly - perfect for a nauti shopper. The built-in cooler keeps beverages chilled while you enjoy waterfowl fun in the sun! ($69.81)

Floating Picnic Table

Rhino Building Products

Floating Picnic Table | Nauti Shopper | Marinalife

This float is taking dinner on the water to the next level! Complete with cup holders for your favorite beverages, it's perfect for games with the family or cocktails at happy hour. ($598)


MTC Device      

MTC Device | Nauti Shopper | Marinalife

Siren Marine
Do you ever wish you could check on your boat, even when you're not on board? Then MTC Device is your dream come true. This system allows you to monitor a range of boat operations including battery condition, bilge water level, shore power status, temperature and motion sensors. ($599)

Man Overboard Tracker

Sea Tags Wristbands
This lightweight wristband is the new saving grace in the boating industry. If someone tumbles overboard, your phone sends a text message to a contact in your phone with the position and time of the event. ($80)

Boom 3 Portable Waterproof Speaker

Ultimate EarsJam out aboard your vessel with a powerful, wireless speaker. Don't worry if seas are rough; this speaker is waterproof and can be submerged for up to a half hour. ($119.99)


Radica Kneeboard


An awesome combination of wakeboarding and waterskiing, this kneeboard is designed to give you high-level performance with spin tricks and turns. The bright yellow board with molded fins is ideal for beginner or

Radica Kneeboard | Nauti Shopper | Marinalife

intermediate daredevils. ($113.99)

Combo Water Volleyball/Badminton Net


This floating net is perfect for friendly matches in shallow water, creeks and lakes. It includes a volleyball, badminton rackets and colorful birdies. Make sure you practice your serve before you buy this classic watersport game! ($49.99)


Nautical Sailor Coasters

Mystic Knotwork

Slide these coasters under mugs, glasses and cold bottles of beer, and they'll absorb moisture from your tabletop. These four-inch coasters are tied into traditional sailors' knots, made of 100% cotton hard-laid cord and come in sets of four. ($23.99)

Nautical Sailor Coasters | Nauti Shopper | Marinalife

Vacuum Insulated Wine Tumbler

This shatterproof pair of outdoor wine glasses are a practical yet beautiful gift for boaters. They keep your wine the perfect temperature, and their secure lids prevent spilling. ($39.99)


The GoBoat
This motorized float brings you bumper cars on the water. It's easy to launch from the shore, dock, beach or boat and safe enough to bump all around a lake or river. You can fit this personal watercraft in your car, SUV or pickup, and set it up in minutes! ($299.99)

Kids Fishing Pole and Tackle Box

Introduce your children to the sport of fishing or just enjoy quality bonding time with this all-in-one kit for young anglers. The pole is easy to cast, and the tackle box is completely stocked with hooks, jigs and sinkers to help your little one reel in a whopper! ($34.83)

Roll with It Giant Inflatable Colorful Wheel

Let the good times roll in this giant inflatable wheel. Either on land or water, this colorful and durable outdoor toy will be an instant hit with the kids. ($65.76)

What will you be getting your boater this season from the nauti shopper gift guide.

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