Photo Contest Winners

Marinalife 20th Anniversary Photo Contest Winners

Elnicki Wade

WE ARE PROUD TO announce the winners of Marinalife’s 20th Anniversary Photo Contest. Choosing three finalists and four runners-up was no easy task after receiving a gamut of noteworthy images from around the country. But those top seven shots, presented on the following pages, caught our eye because they exemplify what we love about boating – the breathtaking power of nature, the joy of family gatherings on the water, the elegance of an old vessel, and the whimsical charm of pets and aquatic creatures.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the photo contest by submitting memorable pictures of life on the water. We hope these winning shots rekindle fond memories of summer boating during this chilly winter season.

Nature's Fury on the Horizon - Photo Contest Winners - Marinalife
Nature's Fury on the Horizon by Larry Tibbe

Nature's Fury on the Water by Larry Tibbe ⊳

After an early evening cocktail cruise at Longboat Key Club Moorings in Florida, Larry Tibbe saw a perfect storm rumbling on the horizon. “We were just walking the docks and checking out the boats, when I looked up at a big cloud formation in the sky,” remembers this Vietnam veteran, amateur photographer and avid boater. Just as suddenly as the storm appeared, it began to dissipate, so he pulled out his camera and caught the shot before it was just a lovely memory.

Nearly a half century ago, Larry taught himself to sail by reading books and magazines on the topic, and later joined the University of Michigan’s sailing team. He now lives in Sarasota Bay and cruises around Florida’s West Coast and Keys in his Sea Ray 40 Sundancer. In this part of the country, awe-inspiring displays of nature are as regular as the tides. When it comes to photographing them, he admits, “Sometimes you just get lucky.”

Small Boat, Big Memories - Photo Contest winners - Marinalife
Small Boat, Big Memories by Katinka Domotorffy

Small Boat, Big Memories by K. Domotorffy

Katinka and her family were heading back into Catawba Landing Marina after a long day of tubing, swimming and fishing in the waters of Lake Erie when her son and his two cousins turned around and flashed big ear-to-ear smiles.

The boys embodied the reason she crams provisions and people into her 18-foot Zodiac as often as possible in the summer. “You don’t need a big boat to have a great time,” says this Ohio resident. “It’s all about building memories on the water with each generation of our family. Away from the distractions of work, school activities and video games, the kids get to be kids, and we all take time to enjoy the simple pleasures we share in boating.” She took the photo with her iPhone camera.

Reflections on the Eastern Shore - Photo Contest Winners - Marinalife
Reflections on the Eastern Shore by Kimberley Kelly

Reflections on the Eastern Shore by Kimberly Kelly ⊳

At the crack of dawn, Kimberly launched from Gargatha (population 381) on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, eager to begin a photography workshop. The instructor, renowned photographer Jay Fleming, led her group of novice shutterbugs into the Chesapeake Bay. The tide was out, and the waters were dead calm.

The subject of their photo shoot was a wooden hull skiff, recently painted red, white and blue and anchored next to an old oyster watch house in the remote marshlands near Wachapreague. The contrasting images set an idyllic scene that captured an old seaside way of life, refreshed with bold colors to represent the ever-changing waterfront lifestyle.

Fairwinds Marina in Annapolis is home to Kimberly’s 21-foot Boston Whaler that carries her and her husband into the Bay for pleasant days of fishing. Kimberly brings her reliable Canon cameras along to document her journeys as she explores the hidden gems of the region.

Marinalife also extends congratulations to the four runners-up in the 20th Anniversary Photo Contest. Their images remind us that the water often brings out the child-like wonder and rebellious spirit in both two- and four-legged visitors.

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