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Recreational Fishing in Northern Cuba

Marlin and Mayo Oldiri Team Up


Cuba's Marina Marlin

One of the world's most prestigious safari companies, Mayo Oldiri of Spain, owned by Antonio Reguera who was awarded by Safari Club International as the best professional hunter of 2013 is now going into recreational fishing. They signed a contract with Cuba's Marina Marlin.

The agreement covers recreational fishing in northern Cuba, and takes into account respect for the environment and the preservation of species. The four types of methods that will be promoted are spinning, fly, trolling, and vertical jigging.

Spinning will be developed in Cuba's cays and on the open sea, where fishermen will go after species such as tarpon, tuna, robalo, and many others. Fly fishing will concentrate on the four most important Super Grand Slam species: snook, tarpon, permit and bone sh. Anglers interested in vertical jigging will focus on large groupers, shark, large cubera snapper and others. This technique is a form of vertical fishing using artificial lures, and ranging from 40 to 100 metres. Finally, trolling refers to shing for the largest types of fish: sail fish, blue marlin, striped marlin, and white marlin, as well as tuna, wahoo, and many others.

The fisheries to be promoted, run from the northern coastal community of Cojímar in Havana, to the Banco Sancho Pardo (bank), near Guanahacabibes in western Cuba, and spinning and fly fishing will be promoted in Cayo Paraiso.

In the southern part of the Cuban archipelago, the Marlin/Mayo Oldiri agreement provides developing recreational fishing on the country's second-largest island, Isla de la Juventud. As well as the Cove of Siguanea, and the cays of San Felipe and Los Indios, where all four types of fishing can be done.

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