Wellness on the Water, Part 3


Healthy Habits That Can Travel with You - No Gym Required

Marinalife is excited to bring you Part 3 of our Wellness on the Water series that we hope will inspire and motivate you to get out on the water, meet new friends, see new sights, and enjoy refreshing and restorative elements of aquatic living. This series shows you the connection between water and wellness, reveals how boating can be healthier and more fun through wellness activities, and introduces you to new places and communities that engage in healthy outdoor fun.

Part 1 focused on why water is essential for mind, body and soul, Part 2 illuminated health and wellness trends that marinas are adopting, and Part 3 shows you how easy it is to bring a healthy lifestyle onto your boat. As the days are getting longer and, thankfully warmer, it's time to start planning your spring and summer cruising calendar. If you love traveling, taking time to find a workout routine that's easy and adaptable to your boat, on a beach or at a marina is a game changer.

Committing to a simple fitness regiment can make trips more relaxing. Jumping in the water for a swim is a calorie-burning no-brainer, but with a few simple props a yoga mat, exercise bands, jump rope and small weights you can maintain a healthy lifestyle above the waves. It's hard to imagine a better place to practice yoga than on the water. And you can enjoy the fresh salty breeze while doing squats, lunges and planks.


If you don't have a typical workout routine or are looking for inspiration, download workout apps on your phone, iPad or laptop. Below are four that work well for all ages and stages while on your boat. And they are either free or offer a free trial.Daily Yoga Workout & Fitness: This app was voted Best of  for several years running. While free trials are available, they eventually charge a monthly fee. Other free yoga apps are on the market, but this one offers a variety of yoga, pilates and mediation. And, they load new workouts daily, so you never get bored or run out!Sworkit: This free app has a variety of options for your workout, such as full body, upper body, lower body, abs/core, yoga, stretching and cardio. You can choose your time range from five minutes to an hour.

Virtual Trainer Bodyweight: This app is free and great for travelers. You only need your body; no weights! You can customize the routine to match your goals, and they provide a step-by-step tutorial of each move.

Peloton Digital: Nicknamed Netflix of the Workout World, this membership service is well worth the money. Choose from 15+ daily live studio workouts taught by elite New York City instructors or take one of 10,000 on-demand classes.


Fruits, nuts and cheese the tried and true trifecta for healthy snacking. Nuts are a great snack, because a small amount fills you up. The lowest-calorie nuts are almonds, cashews and pistachios, while walnuts have the highest amount of ALA omega-3, a heart-healthy fat.Nutritionists continue to discover the health benefits of fruits. Most stay fresh for a week or two in the fridge or almost a week at room temperature. Carrots and celery are great paired with a healthy dip such as hummus. Oranges also last about a week at room temperature and are a perfect citrusy, sun-kissed treat.Cheese my go-to snack! A good source of calcium, protein, phosphorous and B vitamins, cheese always hits the spot. Cut cheese into cubes before your journey begins, so it's easier to eat underway and in moderation. Swiss and mozzarella are the best choices if you're calorie counting.

If you are not averse to soy products, try frozen edamame. These immature soybeans are rich in protein, fiber and antioxidants. They require minimal preparation to enjoyjust heat in a microwave, add a pinch of salt and eat. Are you a tea drinker? Give dandelion root tea a try. These weeds help get your gastric juices flowing and improve the digestive process.Finally, try replacing sugar or sugar alternatives with honey as your go-to sweetener. Honey, made by bees, flowers and Mother Nature is sweeter than sugar, so less is needed. Since ancient times, honey has been used as both a food and a medicine. It's rich in beneficial plant compounds and antioxidants and is much easier to stash on a boat than a bulky bag of refined sugar.


Marinalife has found some fun festivals geared toward healthy living for you to consider while cruising the East Coast or the Bahamas.

This spring, if you visit Palm Beach, FL, stop by the Royal Poinciana Plaza for its Weekend Wellness Series (April 6). These fitness events include rotating outdoor activities by community partners.

Virginia Beach, VA, is hosting Ohana Fest on Saturday, April 27. Head over to the Hunt Club Farm and enjoy a day of fun, family and yoga. Ohana Fest is Virginia Beach's premiere yoga festival that brings together a diverse group of yogis to experience, practice and play. Bring your childlike mind and join in the exploration.Hope to cruise around the Bahamas? Give Essential Yoga Flow a try. Classes are held by a group called Evolve every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m., and all levels are welcome to enjoy easy hip openers, hamstring stretches, heart openers, blissful meditative and much more. Venue: Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas. (evolvebahamas.com)

Just a few simple changes in the way you plan your time onboard can go a long way in feeling better and achieving wellness. Bringing your healthy home lifestyle on your boat is easier than you think.


Here's a simple routine to do while traveling. It takes about 30-40 minutes and will rev up your heart rate. Feel free to alter it according to your fitness level and goals.

Yoga mat
Jump ropw
Hand weights or resistance band

50 jumping jacks
50 butt kicks
50 standing calf rises
1-minute jump rope 30 high knees
30 lunges
30 squats
30 jump squats ( jump up in the air between each squat)
20 push-ups (straight legs or on knees)
30-second plank (push up but never lower your body)
50 tummy tucks (stay in plank position and pull alternating knees to chest)
30-second superman (lay flat on stomach, look down, lift arms and legs, and hold)
1-minute bridge (lay on back, lift hips and hold but do not arch back)
50 bicep curls (with weights or resistance band)
30-second downward dog (your body should look like an inverted V with feet and hands on the ground and hips pushing to the sky)
Rest for 30 seconds and repeat 1-2 more times!
Finally, relax and enjoy a boat-worthy cocktail as a reward for your workout!

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