CR Spotless

Just Wash, Rinse, and Cast Away!®We’ve put together just the right package to easily keep your vessel looking ship-shape.You have your choice of our Spotless DIC-20 with our tailor made Sunbrella cover or the dock-box compatible Simple Chuck along with our premier carbon fiber pole water fed brush to easily reach all areas.Don’t spend time drying your vessel when you can Wash, Rinse and Cast Away!®Our proprietary deionized water unit ships READY-TO-USE (well…after a quick assembly out of the box…it’s a shipping thing) with all the items necessary to enjoy spot-free water the day you get the newest addition to your cleaning arsenal.The only thing missing is your ‘soon-to-be’ spot-free surface needing the TLC we make so incredibly easy. Garage queens, motorcycles, solar panels, windows, daily drivers, motorhomes, desert toys, golf carts, mountain bikes and you-name-it. Anywhere spots drove you nuts, you can now enjoy the ability to wash in direct sunlight WORRY-FREE.And it gets better- FREE SHIPPING!  Shipping via Fed Ex ground is FREE to anywhere in the continental United States. If you require priority shipping, special handling or international shipping, please contact us by calling toll free 1-866-350-9993.Help Make America Shine™